Telebiomet Company

This is a community of physicists, doctors, programmers, engineers, mathematicians, managers and designers United by the ideas of studying the principles of the brain, the phenomenon of consciousness and improving the quality of human life.
For this purpose, we have developed devices designed to scan the upper layers of the cerebral cortex in the near-infrared region of the spectrum, using sensors that allow us to assess the levels of oxygen and hemoglobin in the blood vessels of the brain, as well as their dynamic characteristics and hemodynamics, which carry information about the psychophysiological state of a person, various States of consciousness.
Our main goal is to develop and implement such technologies that would allow us not only to assess the state of health with a high degree of confidence, but also to improve it in an alternative way: without the use of substances that cause dependence and complications, by mobilizing internal energy, mental and physiological reserves.